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As Pacific Power celebrates its 100th anniversary, it’s hard to imagine life without electric appliances. Yet, it wasn’t until the 1920s that homes began to get electric refrigerators and stoves. Sold door-to-door from the back of a truck by Pacific Power salesmen, the first Electro-Kold electric refrigerating machines converted domestic iceboxes to electric operation.  They were followed by the General Electric “monitor top” fridge.

In 1927 the company sold 122 refrigerators, but by 1929 that number jumped to 902. Pacific Power salesmen touted that the electric refrigerator saved customers at least $3.54 a month in ice alone, not to mention the added convenience. The company later sold electric appliances in its retail stores.

Earn cash for your old fridge

Your refrigerator may not be a relic from the 1920s, but refrigerators built before 1990 can use up to three times more electricity than today’s efficient models. Have your old refrigerator or freezer picked up for proper recycling and earn a cash incentive.

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