Tips for Grant Seekers

In keeping with its mission, the Foundation will be more inclined to support projects that have following characteristics:

  • Close alignment of the project's objectives with the Foundation's support for education; civic and community betterment; culture and arts; and health, welfare and social services.
  • A strategic, long-term orientation.
  • A clear explanation of why the proposed approach to the problem addressed by the project is superior to other options and why it is more likely to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Probability that the project will deliver high impact and sustainable benefit in terms of learning outcomes, both in communities directly served and in the project field of interest.
  • Probability that the project will attract continued support from a variety of sources, and the extent to which likely sources are identified.
  • Level of project innovation, in particular, whether it breaks new ground and uses new methods for optimizing resources.
  • Likelihood of the project developing leadership skills and capacity.
  • Potential of the project for successful replication in other settings.
  • The project applicant's record of success as an organization, and the past success of its key project personnel.
  • The overall leadership and staff talent of the applicant organization.
  • Feasibility and quality of the application proposal, and the plan in that proposal to accomplish project objectives.
  • Flexibility of the project plan to deal with possible contingencies.
  • Applicant provisions for sharing information about the project, successes and failures.
  • Project methodology for capturing and implementing lessons learned and determining project successes and failures.
  • Project provisions for self-sufficiency, including a credible independence strategy.
  • Potential of the project to create and strengthen alliances and networks of organizations working to solve the same problem.
  • Potential of the project to enhance the Foundation's expertise and its ability to knowledgeably support related efforts.
  • Opportunity for the Foundation to assume a unique supportive role.