Grant Recipients

The Foundation allocates grants that best serve community interests. Grants generally are less than $10,000 with most between $2,000 and $5,000.

The Foundation manages its grants in four cycles. This helps the Foundation carefully review similar requests to ensure maximum benefit.

  • Education organizations (proposals due March 15)
  • Civic, community and organizations not covered in other categories (due June 15)
  • Culture and arts organizations (due September 15)
  • Health, welfare and social service organizations (due December 15)
Foundation grant

Recent grants include:

2017 Civic and Community Cycle
2017 Education Cycle

2017 Health, Welfare and Social Services Cycle

2016 Culture and Arts Cycle
2016 Civic and Community Cycle
2016 Education Cycle
2016 Health, Welfare and Social Services Cycle

2015 Culture and Arts Cycle

2015 Civic and Community Cycle
2015 Education Cycle
2015 Health, Welfare and Social Services

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