Pacific Power to close most of its recreation areas in Northwest in response to COVID-19 public health emergency

March 25, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. — In response to stay-at-home directives during the COVID-19 public health emergency, Pacific Power is closing most of its recreation sites in Oregon, Washington and California until further notice.

Pacific Power is a division of PacifiCorp, which owns and manages hydroelectric resources that offer clean, affordable energy for customers, as well as a variety of public recreation opportunities. The facilities provide boating, swimming, camping and picnicking opportunities.

During the COVID-19 emergency, outlets for appropriately distanced recreation are important, so long as it can be done within state and federal health directives. We appreciate your patience as we work to maintain these opportunities while observing guidelines pertaining to social distancing and safety.

With stay-at-home directives in Oregon, Washington and California, Pacific Power has decided to close virtually all of its recreation sites in those three states. This closure includes the popular series of day use areas, boat ramps and campgrounds along the Lewis River in southwest Washington.

At this time, closures will stay in effect until at least April 10, 2020 and perhaps longer, but may be re-evaluated to align with state stay-at-home orders.

Some exceptions to the closure decision are the Link River trail near Klamath Falls, Oregon and day use areas along the Klamath River reservoirs in California: Mirror Cove, Camp Creek, Jenny Creek and Fall Creek. Restrooms will be closed at these areas and signs reminding visitors to maintain safe distance from each other will be posted.

For a complete list of closures and limited maintenance sites, including PacifiCorp facilities in Oregon, Washington, and California, please visit