Pacific Power Joins American Business Act on Climate Pledge

July 27, 2015

Proud U.S. Business for Climate Action

PORTLAND, Ore. — Pacific Power, as part of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, is the first energy company to join the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. This pledge further demonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to move in a measured way towards a cleaner energy future.

“Pacific Power is transitioning to a lower emitting, lower carbon future,” said Stefan Bird, president and CEO of Pacific Power. “Berkshire Hathaway Energy, as the first energy company to join this pledge, is reinforcing its commitment to invest in more renewable energy. Pacific Power is doing its part with plans to further strengthen its own renewable portfolio and transition away from coal towards newer, cleaner technologies.”

As part of this pledge, Pacific Power, as part of PacifiCorp, has committed to:

  • Add more than 1,000 megawatts of incremental solar and wind capacity through long-term power purchase agreements to PacifiCorp’s owned 1,030 megawatts of wind generating capacity. PacifiCorp is the nation’s second largest owner of wind generation among regulated, investor-owned utilities. This incremental renewable generation, expected to be on-line by the end of 2017, would bring PacifiCorp’s non-carbon generating capacity to more than 4,500 megawatts which equates to approximately 22 percent of PacifiCorp’s retail energy load in 2017.
  • Invest in transmission infrastructure in the West to support the integration of renewable energy onto the grid.
  • Support and advance the development of markets in the West to optimize the electric grid, lower costs, enhance reliability and more effectively integrate renewable resources.

These actions follow on the recent announcement of PacifiCorp’s long range plans to reduce emissions by closing or converting 10 coal-fired generation units between 2015 and 2029, and reduce its coal generation from current levels by 40 percent by 2030. The company’s plans also include investment in energy efficiency that is expected to satisfy 86 percent of its forecast load growth for more than the next decade.

PacifiCorp is also working to transform the electric grid in the West to make it cleaner, more reliable and more affordable. This work includes the Energy Imbalance Market launched in November 2014 with the California Independent System Operator (CA ISO) which is already delivering benefits to customers and optimizing renewables across six states. Utilities in other states are scheduled to join later this year and next fall. The company also announced in April 2015 that it would explore the creation of a regional ISO with the CA ISO to capture further efficiencies, enable renewable expansion and maximize use of renewable energy across the West.