Headed Out of Town This Weekend? Save Energy by Putting Your Home in Summer Vacation-mode

August 31, 2018


PORTLAND, Ore. — If you are hitting the road for the Labor Day holiday, Pacific Power recommends putting your home in sleep-mode before the long weekend.

Taking the following steps can help you save energy while on vacation this traditional last gasp of summer:

  • Unplug electrical equipment: Make sure to unplug TVs, gaming systems, coffee makers and computers, as they can draw power even when not in use. When plugged in, these appliances should be connected to power strips so they can easily be switched off for future vacations.
  • Turn off lights or use programmable timers: If you want to leave lights on for security purposes while you're away, consider using programmable timers.
  • Turn down the water heater: If you'll be away for more than three days in summer, turn your water heater down or turn it off. For an electric water heater, turn the temperature dial down or turn it off at the circuit breaker panel. For a natural gas water heater, turn it down to low. You may need a few hours to heat the tank when you return home from your trip.
  • Adjust the thermostat: If you have air conditioning and the weather looks to be warm, set the thermostat to 85 degrees or higher. Don’t turn if off because it may cause your refrigerator to work too hard and it will be an energy-intensive job to cool the house back down.