Henningsen Cold Storage Named Pacific Power wattsmart 2019 Business Partner of the Year

February 07, 2019


GRANDVIEW, Wash. — Henningsen Cold Storage has been named a Pacific Power wattsmart® 2019 Business Partner of the Year.

Henningsen Cold Storage has been providing cold storage warehousing for their customers for more than 95 years. Recently, when Henningsen was designing a new 111,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility in Grandview, Washington, company leaders knew they wanted to provide the high-quality refrigeration service their customers expect in an environmentally friendly way as possible.

Pete Lepschat, Director of Engineering at Henningsen, reached out to Pacific Power to determine what energy-efficient opportunities could be realized by using a different refrigeration system. The new system would use carbon dioxide as the refrigerant rather than a more typical halocarbon or ammonia system. Carbon Dioxide is not an ozone depleting substance, and has a miniscule global warming potential compared with halocarbon refrigerants. It is also far less toxic than ammonia. This system would allow for high cooling capacity with smaller piping and heat exchanger surfaces resulting in significant operational and energy savings for the new warehouse. Additionally, the project used heat recovered from the refrigeration system for an underfloor heating system, evaporator defrosting, and humidity control.

This project, along with a small capacity expansion to the new warehouse in late 2018, resulted in energy savings exceeding 1.9 million kilowatt-hours a year over the baseline system. In addition, Henningsen received over $280,000 in wattsmart incentives from Pacific Power and will save an estimated $115,000 annually on their utility bills thanks to the energy efficiency investments they have made.

“It helps us maintain a profitable company and also helps us be competitive in our rates for our customers too. It pays to manage your second biggest cost,” Lepschat said.

Added Lori Froehlich, Pacific Power’s regional business manager: “That's what we're all striving for. To use less energy so there's more energy for the future.”

Project facts:

  • New 111,000 sq. ft. of cold storage space was built in 2018
  • New refrigeration system uses carbon dioxide as refrigerant
    • Allows for volumetric cooling capacity with smaller piping and heat exchanger surface
    • Results in significant operational energy savings for the new warehouse
  • Uses heat recovered from refrigeration system for underfloor heating system, humidity control, and evaporator defrosting
  • Energy savings exceeded 1.9 million kWh/year in 2018
  • Project received over $280,000 in wattsmart incentives from Pacific Power
  • Annual savings equals $115,000 on utility bills
Photo: Lori Froehlich, Pacific Power regional business manager, Pete Lepschat, director of engineering at Henningsen Cold Storage, and Hallie Gallinger, Pacific Power energy efficiency project manager, show off award atop warehouse’s roof in Grandview.