Docket UM 1810

Electric Vehicle Pilot Programs

03/29/19 Update

02/25/19 Motion to Amend Order

10/02/18 Public Charging Pilot Program Data Collection and Learning Objectives

01/24/18 Joint Reply Brief

12/14/17 Joint Opening Brief

12/13/17 Motion to Admit Testimony and Exhibits

11/06/17 Cross-Examination Statement and List of Stipulated Exhibits

10/25/17 Reply Testimony

08/11/17 Stipulation and Joint Testimony

07/28/17 Settlement Status Report

07/14/17 Motion to Suspend Procedural Schedule

07/07/17 Change of Service List

06/12/17 Motion to Modify Procedural Schedule

04/12/17 Supplement

12/27/16 Application