Filing Notification Registration

PacifiCorp's Transmission Business will, from time-to-time, submit various documents to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). These filings may be revisions to PacifiCorp's OATT, service agreements, contracts, cost of service filings, or other documents seeking authorization for PacifiCorp's Transmission Business Unit to conduct business that is under the jurisdiction of the FERC. These filings are public documents and are available at the FERC's website. In addition, PacifiCorp will also make these filings available to its transmission customers or eligible customers on this website.

Customers that are directly affected by a filed document (i.e. service agreement, rate schedule, contract) will always receive a copy of the filing by mail. Filings that generally affect all transmission customers (i.e. changes to OATT terms and condition, cost-of-service filings, etc.) will not be distributed to all OATT customers by mail, but only to those customers having a significant impact by the filing. PacifiCorp will provide notice of such filings to any party desiring such notification. This notification will include a link to the filing document on PacifiCorp's website. If you desire to be included on a notification list of PacifiCorp's generally applicableTransmission Business FERC filings, please click on the following link and complete the form.

Please copy the phrase FERC Filing Registration into the Subject Box and type your email address in the body of the message. Parties on this list will recieve a notification by Email once such a filing has been made and the FERC has assigned a docket number to the filing.

PacifiCorp TBU FERC Filing registration