Application Process

Applicants for Foundation grant support should COMPLETE, SUBMIT (application is submitted electronically to the Foundation) and PRINT a copy of the online application form, then mail a complete proposal. The proposal should be received by the Foundation office by the submission deadline. The proposal should contain the following items in the order outlined below:

1. An application form, which will serve as the cover page for the applicant proposal.

Complete, SUBMIT (application is submitted electronically to the Foundation) and print a copy of the application form. Among other things, this form requests:

  • Legal name, address and federal tax identification number of the applicant organization;
  • The name, title, address and contact information of the person responsible for the activity for which funding is requested;
  • An indication whether the organization requesting support has previously received support from the Foundation, from PacifiCorp (Pacific Power, Rocky Mountain Power) or affiliates of PacifiCorp; 
  • Signed acknowledgement by the organization's chief executive officer that the organization's governing body has approved the proposal to the Foundation;
  • A description of the organization and its particular qualifications to carry out the activity for which funding is sought; and
  • An estimate of the number of people who will be served and where they are located.

2. Letter of request.

This is a business letter of no more than one page formally requesting Foundation assistance from the organization's chief executive officer or the chair of its board of directors.

3. An executive summary of no more than one page describing:

  • The project for which the applicant seeks support;
  • Why the project is important and merits support;
  • The total budget envisioned for the project;
  • The percentage of applicant organization's total operating budget that the project budget would represent;
  • The amount of financial support requested of the Foundation (note: grants generally are less than $10,000 with most between $2,000 and $5,000) ;
  • Itemized amounts of financial support requested of other donors, or already pledged or contributed by other donors; indication if this application is a matching grant request;
  • The specific way in which Foundation funds would be applied and the benefits that would result; and
  • If you have received a Pacific Power Foundation or Rocky Mountain Power Foundation grant in the past, describe how the funds were used and if/how the results were measured.

4. Information on the activity or project for which grant support is sought, including:

  • Description of what the project will do and who will benefit;
  • Indication of whether the project is a pilot or an ongoing project;
  • Explanation of why the project is needed and substantiation of community goals or needs that the project addresses; indication of community support for the project and for the project's approach;
  • Overall project goals, expected impact and specific, measurable objectives;
  • Explanation of how the project will be organized and carried out, and over what time frame;
  • Description of how the project's effectiveness will be evaluated;
  • Description of who will be involved in executing the project and their qualifications for such involvement; and
  • Indication if there is an opportunity for collaboration or cooperation with organizations doing similar work.

5. Budget for the activity or project, including:

  • A breakdown of items within each category (indicating how funds are to be spent and over what time period);
  • A description of Foundation funds sought, how they would be applied and over what time period;
  • An itemized description of other financial support received or pledged, as well as potential sources of financial support to be solicited;
  • An explanation of how the project or activity proposes to sustain itself financially after the period for which funding is requested; and
  • Current and (if available) audited financial statements for the organization requesting grant support.

6. Evidence of the applicant organization's tax-exempt status.

No commitment of support can be made to an organization unless it is a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation must be provided a copy of the organization's determination letter. The determination letter should:

  • Be addressed to the entity requesting the grant;
  • State that the entity is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and
  • State that the entity is not a private foundation within the meaning of Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.