Rates & Regulation

We are regulated by the public utilities commission for each state in which we operate, as well as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

State public utility commissions regulate:

  • prices charged to retail customers
  • standards to ensure safety and reliability of product
  • boundaries of service area
  • bookkeeping methods
  • matters relating to financial reorganization
  • proposed purchases, sales or change in status of property
  • company mergers

Regulatory Documentation

Pacific Power and each states' utility commission have prepared a summary of rights and responsibilities for residential and business customers.

You can also learn more below and find approved tariffs, filings and testimony, and other regulatory documents for your state:

Regulatory Agencies

California Public Utilities Commission

Oregon Public Utility Commission

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

In addition, PacifiCorp's wholesale and transmission business is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Price Comparisons

We work to keep prices down by lowering operating costs and improving how we do business. See how rates compare across the nation for your customer group.  

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