Energy Project Manager Co-funding

An Energy Project Manager is a co-funded staff resource at your facility to develop and manage energy projects.

Establish an annual energy-savings goal and receive Energy Project Manager Co-funding proportionate to that goal (subject to caps).

Who is eligible?

Pacific Power business customers in Washington receiving electric service on a general service rate schedule. Eligible rate schedules: A-25, A-32, A-33, A-36, AT-47, AT-48, LS-53, LS-58, OL-42 and PA-20.

What commitments are required?

Commit to an annual goal of completing energy projects resulting in at least 1 million kilowatt-hours per year in energy savings.

How is the Energy Project Manager Co-funding paid?
Payment No. Payment Amount Milestone
1 - Optional initial payment 1/3 of funding amount* (not to exceed $25,000)
  1. We work together on a Comprehensive Plan for electric energy savings
  2. You select an Energy Project Manager
  3. You sign the Energy Project Manager offer
2 - Final payment

$0.025 per kwh of energy savings achieved, to a maximum 100 percent of the approved Energy Project Manager salary and less the initial payment

At the end of performance period as defined in the Energy Project Manager offer letter

*Funding amount is based on the lesser of (a) $0.025 per kwh or (b) the total annual cost of the Energy Project Manager (salary plus overhead).

What are the steps?
  1. We work with you to develop energy efficiency measures for your Comprehensive Plan.
  2. You select an Energy Project Manager.
  3. We provide a co-funding offer based on your Comprehensive Plan an schedule, and then provide you with an Energy Project Manager Co-funding offer letter.
  4. You sign the offer letter, we provide the initial co-funding payment.
  5. Energy Project Manager manages project implementation.
  6. We review the results with the Energy Project Manager and issue payment based on recorded energy savings. The customer has the obligation to refund any overpayment based on recorded energy savings.

The initial co-funding term is typically for one year and is contingent on achieving annual energy-savings goals included in the agreement between the customer and Pacific Power.

The availability of the current offer and more detail such as the co-funding agreement and current co-funding amounts (including minimums, maximums and overall availability) will be posted to this website.

Who selects the project manager?

You do.

  • The Energy Project Manager is an employee or direct contractor of the customer and not an employee or contractor of Pacific Power.

  • The Energy Project Manager is always a specific person and is not a pool of labor without an individual in the role.

  • Determining the full scope of the duties related to the Energy Project Manager duties is the responsibility of the customer, but Energy Project Manager Co-funding is solely attributable to the electrical energy efficiency work.

  • The Energy Project Manager will manage electrical energy efficiency projects that deliver on your energy-savings goal. These savings must be verified through one of the Pacific Power's wattsmart Business program.

Who sets the energy savings goal?

You do, through a comprehensive energy efficiency project plan.

What must be included in the Comprehensive Plan?
  • Projected annual energy savings (at least 1,000,000 kwh)
  • Name of the Energy Project Manager and total annual salary, including benefits, (excluding bonuses and future raises)
  • Itemized summary of planned electrical energy efficiency projects that will comprise the energy savings, including estimates of the energy savings, cost savings and implementation costs
  • Schedule for project funding, implementation and completion
What if energy savings goal is missed?

If savings targets are not achieved, the final Energy Project Manager Co-funding payment is based on documented results. You may have an obligation to repay any overpayments of initial funding based on the final results.

What is the term of the Energy Project Manager agreement?

The initial term is typically one year.

What documentation is needed for the Energy Project Manager annual cost?

Provide a letter from your human resources or accounting department stating the base annual salary and an appropriate overhead percentage. These costs are subject to approval by Pacific Power.

Can I include more than one facility in my Comprehensive Plan?


Can my Energy Project Manager be responsible for more than one of my locations?


What if my Energy Project Manager leaves or otherwise needs to be replaced?

You may replace the Energy Project Manager; however, you must inform us in writing, within 30 days of replacement, and the replacement Energy Project Manager must meet the requirements of our agreement.

You can not alter the agreed upon salary during the term of the offer.

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