Green Motor Rewinds

Our wattsmart Business program includes cash incentives and technical expertise for green motor rewinds and other equipment that increases your energy efficiency and exceed code requirements.

STEPS for green motor rewinds
  1. Contact a participating motor service center and arrange to have your motor rewound in accordance with procedures established by the Green Motors Practices Group™ (GMPG)
  2. Install your rewound motor or place it in inventory for future use at an eligible facility.
  3. Receive an incentive credited on the motor service center invoice. (The service center receives a $2/hp incentive payment from us. A minimum of $1/hp is paid by the service center to the customer as a credit on the motor rewind invoice.)

Pacific Power does not warrant or guarantee the work performed by these participating vendors. You are solely responsible for any contract with a participating contractor/vendor and the performance of any contractor/vendor you have chosen.

Before you start your project
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