Instant Incentives


If you're a Pacific Power business customer in California who likes to take maintenance into your own hands, we're offering wattsmart Business instant incentives for LED and low-wattage fluorescent lighting when purchased at a participating lighting distributor.

So, now as lamps burn out, it's more affordable than ever to replace them with energy-saving lamps.

Save energy

ENERGY STAR® LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. And, low-wattage fluorescent lamps can reduce energy use by up to 20 percent.This can add up to big bucks considering about 20 percent of commercial electricity use is attributed to lighting.

Save time

LED and low-wattage fluorescent lamps last 35-50 percent longer than incandescent lights. This saves you money in lamp replacement and reduces the hassle of replacing lights that have burned out.

What instant incentives are available?


Instant incentives make the investment in this technology easy, and we’re covering up to 70 percent of the cost to purchase qualifying LED and low-wattage fluorescents. Instant incentives are available for the following easy-to-install lamps that fit in many existing light fixtures.

Lamp style (technical name) How you know it Incentive amount*
PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) Flood lights, spot lights, recessed can lights $9 per lamp
A-lamp Typical screw-in light bulb $3 per lamp
BR (bulged reflector) Recessed can lights and ceiling lights $5.50 per lamp
MR16 Mini-spot lights / track head lights $7 per lamp
Candelabras / Globes Open light fixtures and vanities $5 per lamp
Trim kits Recessed light fixtures $10 per kit
TLED - Type A Linear fluorescent form $3.50 per lamp
T8 (reduced wattage) Linear fluorescent form $0.75 per lamp
T5HO (reduced wattage)
Linear fluorescent form $1 per lamp
HID replacement lamp
less than 50 watt $35 per lamp
HID replacement lamp
greater than or equal to 50 watt and less than 150 watt
$55 per lamp
Wall pack fixture wall pack $30 per fixture
Wall pack fixture
wall pack with occupancy sensor
$70 per fixture

*Incentives are limited to 70 percent of equipment costs.

Speak to your lighting distributor about the right kind of lamps for your fixtures. If instant incentives aren’t available for the lights you need, or if you are considering a more involved lighting retrofit project, you may still qualify for incentives and project support.

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STEPS for instant incentives

We make it simple to receive instant incentives at the point of purchase. Just follow these steps to start saving energy and money:

  1. Identify which lamps to upgrade at your facility, see page 2 of handout for qualifying lamps.
  2. Use this list to find a participating LED instant incentive distributor.
  3. Purchase qualified lamps from a participating instant incentive distributor and receive your instant incentive.* It will appear as a credit on your invoice from the distributor.**
  4. Provide the distributor required business and installation information, and sign the instant incentive customer application when you make your purchase.
  5. Install new lamps in your facility in California served by Pacific Power and enjoy the savings!

*Pacific Power business customers who purchase qualifying lamps from a non-participating distributor may still qualify for incentives. Please reference the lighting post-purchase incentive application (PDF) and submission requirements.

**If you are already working with a lighting vendor on a lighting project, please note that only one incentive is available per lamp. Discuss with your lighting vendor prior to accepting instant incentives from a distributor.

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