CPC International Apple Success Story

Brandon Meara, CPC’s refrigeration manager (center), meets with Toby Freeman, Pacific Power regional business manager and Hallie Gallinger, Pacific Power project manager.Brandon Meara, CPC’s refrigeration manager (center), meets with Toby Freeman, Pacific Power regional business manager and Hallie Gallinger, Pacific Power project manager.

For innovation and achievement in energy efficiency, CPC International Apple Co. has been named a Pacific Power wattsmart® Business Partner of the Year for 2016.

The apple packing company in Tieton, Washington, has completed three energy efficiency projects since 2014 with help from Pacific Power. Together these projects are yielding more than 2 million kilowatt-hours per year in energy savings, enough to power more than 130 typical homes in the Yakima area for a year.

“We want to be as economical as we can and help by saving energy whenever possible, said Brandon Meara, CPC International’s refrigeration manager. “We're happy we're moving in the right direction.”

Help needed to confirm energy savings

CPC was founded in 1946 as Cubberly Packing Company. The small family-owned business mainly served local farmers.

“We've grown a lot since then,” said Meara. The company is now one of the larger apple packing plants in the state, shipping apples around the world. Keeping the facility running efficiently helps keep product fresh and costs down.

Recently Meara temporarily tested control modifications on several key refrigeration components affecting 79 controlled atmosphere rooms. He suspected these changes could result in significant energy savings if they were implemented permanently.

Meara needed help to document the energy savings and justify the control modifications to his management in order to make the changes part of CPC’s standard operating procedure. He contacted Pacific Power’s wattsmart Business program for guidance.

“I knew there were some things we could change and they were very helpful” he said. “I was trying to figure out what were the best options. They came out and walked through it with me and [told me] what they recommended.”

With engineering assistance provided by Pacific Power’s program, CPC International was able to reduce total energy consumption by 12 percent.

Pacific Power’s advice improves results

For its refrigeration efficiency improvements, CPC International Apple Co. also earned more than $11,300 in wattsmart Business incentives from Pacific Power.

Meara said working with Pacific Power’s team improved CPC’s energy efficiency results considerably.

“Through the partnership with Pacific Power, CPC International Apple Co. was able to realize and recognize additional energy saving opportunities,” he said.

Looking ahead, Meara said, “We plan to fully implement these changes in the future as we continue to expand our operation, and look forward to work closely with Pacific Power.”

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