John I. Haas Success Story

As Yakima, Washington’s first LEED Gold Certified building, Haas Innovations Center is a perfect reflection of the values of John I. Haas, Inc. The leading hops provider in the United States has long been a proponent of sustainable farming practices and conservation of natural resources.

John I. HaasPictured are Toby Freeman of Pacific Power (left) and Peter Mahony, director of supply chain management and purchasing, John I. Haas, Inc.

“Sustainability is in our heritage, it’s in the agricultural mindset that we grew up with. It’s important to our shareholders and it’s important to our customers,” said Tom Davis, the company’s chief financial officer. John I. Haas’ customers range from major national breweries to local craft brewers.

LEEDing edge design

Open in 2013, the 23,700 sq. ft. Haas Innovations Center houses administrative offices, a state-of-the-art research laboratory and a research brewery. Sustainable, efficient features – such as daylighting, water-saving systems and recycled materials – have been incorporated into the building, complementing John I. Haas, Inc.’s careful stewardship of its farmland and ongoing waste reduction efforts.

In addition, John I. Haas, Inc.’s participation in Pacific Power’s Blue SkySM renewable energy program is second largest in Washington, resulting in annual environmental benefits equal to planting more than 3,890 trees.

Input and incentives

John I. Haas Inc. brought Pacific Power in on the earliest design meetings for the Haas Innovations Center for technical advice and information about available energy efficiency incentives.

“Pacific Power has always been a partner with John I. Haas, and for us it made perfect sense to get their input,” said Davis.

The hops provider moved forward with a comprehensive, energyefficient heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning package. The HVAC system features such energy-saving upgrades as high EER, variable air volume heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow fan coil units, demand control ventilation, and an advanced energy recovery ventilator with demand-based fume hood controls.

In addition, a variable frequency drive was installed on the glycol process pump that is part of the chilling system for the research brewery’s 30 small-scale fermentation tanks. The VFD allows the pump speed and power to be reduced when fewer fermentation tanks require cooling. This saves energy compared to always running the pump at full speed, then bypassing much of the electricity flow.

Savings for years

By implementing these energy efficiency measures, John I. Haas, Inc. is saving more than 139,394 kilowatt-hours per year in electricity and more than $8,900 per year in energy costs. The hops provider also earned more than $21,300 in Pacific Power wattsmart® Business incentives to help offset project costs.

Davis said, “Energy efficiency can pay for itself. This investment is going to provide us with annual savings for 30 or 40 years. That’s going to be crucial in allowing us to maintain our leadership position and pass on cost savings to our customers.”

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