Kenyon Zero Storage Success Story

Kenyon-award.jpgKenyon's chief engineer Russ Mears accepts a 2015 wattsmart Business Partner of the Year award from Pacific Power's Hallie Gallinger and Toby Freeman.

Even efficient businesses find they sometimes need to take another look at their operations to stay on track.

Kenyon Zero Storage, Inc., in Grandview, Washington, is a leading provider of freezer and cooler storage services for food product producers and processors. With more than 600,000 square feet of warehouse space, Kenyon receives and ships products all over the world.

The company also has been an active participant in Pacific Power’s wattsmart® Business program.

“Energy is one of our major costs of our business,” said Kenyon president Scott Wingert. “We are continuously looking for ways to be energy efficient because of the impact it has on our bottom line.”

Wingert said for Kenyon, one of the key features of Pacific Power’s program is technical assistance.

Bringing expertise to the table

“We gain knowledge from Pacific Power’s energy studies and recommendations, and the professional engineers they get on board to help us,” he said.

When Wingert noticed the company’s energy usage and bills start to rise, he huddled with Russ Mears, Kenyon’s chief engineer. They decided to put in call to Toby Freeman, their Pacific Power account manager, for advice.

Freeman, a wattsmart Business program manager and an engineer from Cascade Energy met with Wingert and Mears to discuss refrigeration energy management at Kenyon’s warehouses. Refrigeration equipment accounts for approximately 85 percent of Kenyon’s energy consumption. The wattsmart Business energy management service targets single systems with a “track and tune” approach to regaining efficient operation at no- or low-cost.

Cascade Energy returned to Kenyon to identify refrigeration energy efficiency opportunities and make control system changes, such as reducing the minimum condensing pressure setpoint, during this visit. Kenyon later received a tune-up report with a list of 25 action items, including manually purging air from all condensers, and developing operating procedures to keep freezer doors closed. The company began to implement these actions soon after.

Engineering costs covered, plus cash incentives

Pacific Power paid the full cost of the engineering services and provided an incentive based on achieved savings.

The refrigeration efficiency improvements Kenyon Zero Storage implemented are saving nearly 540,000 kilowatt-hours a year in electricity and more than $29,000 in energy costs annually. The company earned a Pacific Power incentive of more than $10,790 for its energy-saving results.

“With a few changes of settings, and operational and maintenance modifications that needed to be done, our power bill has come back down to a more normal level,” said Wingert.

As recommended, Kenyon also will regularly review the action item list in the tune-up report to ensure efficient setpoints and operating strategies are maintained.

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