Pepsi Bottling Company Success Story

Upgrades make energy savings pop

CA_Pepsi_Mt_Shasta_325x234.jpgLighting improvements cut costs at Pepsi Bottling. Pictured are Emerson Bryan (left) of Pepsi with Pacific Power’s Monte Mendenhall.

When you’ve been in business for more than 50 years, you come to recognize valuable steps to run your business sustainably.

Emerson Bryan, general manager at Pepsi Bottling Company of Mount Shasta in California, spotted one right away at an energy efficiency workshop he attended.

“We had been looking at ways to save on energy costs and ways to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Bryan. “At the workshop I picked up our first energy-efficient light and the rest is history.”

Better lighting, reduced costs

Pepsi Bottling Company of Mount Shasta is a wholesale beverage distributor that supplies soft drinks and beer to Siskiyou and northern Shasta counties. Since 1961 the business has been owned and operated by the Chiment family. The company distributes product to restaurants, grocery stores, mini marts and vending machines in non-retail business and organizations.

The distributor’s 10,000 sq. ft. Mount Shasta facility was equipped with older T12 fluorescent lighting with magnetic ballasts in the offices, and high-pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures in the warehouse space.

At the suggestion of Brad Russell of North Coast Electric, a Pacific Power Energy Efficiency Alliance vendor, Bryan attended the utility’s lighting efficiency workshop held in Yreka. There he learned about energy-efficient lighting options, as well as Pacific Power’s wattsmart® Business program cash incentives available to help offset upgrade costs.

Through the program, Pepsi Bottling replaced the existing T12s with qualified T8 fluorescent lighting in the offices. Fixtures in the warehouse were upgraded to highly efficient LED high bay lighting with integral controls.

The company also installed LED lighting outside its facility in place of mercury vapor exterior lighting.

“We now have much better lighting operating at a substantially reduced cost,” said Bryan. “The fixtures with controls save money and also help make our facility more secure. When someone enters, the lights come on and allow our security cameras to work much better.”

‘Incentives sealed the deal’

Pepsi Bottling Company of Mount Shasta’s lighting projects received more than $3,000 in Pacific Power incentives – reducing the simple payback from more than 2½ years to 16 months.

The improvements are saving the northern California business approximately 18,400 kilowatt-hours in electricity and nearly $2,347 in energy costs annually.

“That we were going to save energy, save money on our utility bills and have longer-lasting equipment were the main selling points. The incentives sealed the deal,” said Bryan.

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