Small Business Lighting


Pacific Power has developed an incentive to help small businesses save energy, money and time when upgrading existing lighting systems.

The incentive covers some of the most common interior lighting upgrades such as LED lamps and signage, T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps and ballasts and lighting controls.

To schedule a no-cost assessment, call 844-760-4881, inquire by email or submit a form through the button below.

STEPS for small business lighting incentives
  1. Schedule a free facility assessment conducted by a wattsmart Small Business Approved Contractor. If you would like to contact an Approved Contractor to see if you qualify, just call us at 844-760-4881 or email.
  2. Review and approve lighting proposal and sign incentive application and IRS Form W-9 (PDF). You can choose to assign your incentive to the Approved Contractor and he or she will pass 100 percent of the eligible incentive on their invoice to you and take care of the paperwork.*
  3. The Approved Contractor will install your new lighting. We may request to inspect your lighting upgrades to verify energy savings and quality of installation.
  4. Pay the Approved Contractor the balance of your project costs.
  5. Enjoy energy saving and better lighting!

*Incentive dollars paid, whether received directly or assigned to the Approved Contractor, may be considered as taxable income and require the issuance of IRS Form 1099 to your business. You are encouraged to consult with your tax advisor regarding the potential tax implications.

Note: Pacific Power does not warrant the performance of qualifying installed equipment or the quality of the installation provided by the Approved Contractor. You are solely responsible for any contract with and the performance of any vendor you have chosen. Please note, that only one incentive is available per lamp or per other equipment.

What can I expect by participating?

The typical path for participation starts with Approved Contractors reaching
out to Pacific Power small business customers to schedule a free
lighting assessment. Once the contractor completes the assessment, he or she
will propose lighting upgrades for the facility. Here is an example of what that
proposal might include:

At a glance - Example of Project Economics
Lighting fixture and equipment upgrade cost $3,907
Annual energy savings expected
(kilowatt-hours (kWh)/year)
(10,538 kWh/year)
Incentive payment (applied to the project invoice) - $2,994
Out-of-pocket cost to the small business customer $914
Post incentive project payback period 1.6 years
Is my business eligible for this offer?

This incentive is intended to help small businesses make wattsmart choices. Small
Businesses are classified by the amount of energy they use. Pacific Power business customers in Washington on rate schedule 24 using less than 145,000 kWh/year are eligible to participate. In addition, customers with facilities less than 20,000 square feet (area served by meter) using less than 160,000 kWh/year are eligible to participate. wattsmart Small Business Approved Contractors will verify eligibility upon scheduling no-cost facility lighting audits. Eligibility is subject to change.

What lighting upgrades qualify?

The enhanced incentive covers some of the most common and easy to install interior lighting upgrades that will yield energy savings for your business, such as LED lamp and signage upgrades and lighting controls.

Your Approved Contractor will provide you with a summary of recommended measures to be upgraded under this incentive offer. Additional upgrades also may be recommended from the standard wattsmart Business lighting incentives available. Pre-approval may be required before you purchase new lighting.

PDF wattsmart Small Business enhanced lighting incentives

How much energy and money will I save?

Your wattsmart Small Business Approved Contractor will be able to provide you
with an estimate of energy and cost savings once the free facility assessment is
completed at your location. Approved Contractors have been trained to ensure
they present you with the best options for your business.

According to ENERGY STAR®, lighting accounts for 20-50 percent of energy used
in businesses. Improving your lighting equipment will reduce your energy use and
costs. In addition, you’re likely to experience improved light quality and color, as
well as reduced lighting maintenance costs.

Before you start your project
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