Process Overview

Every location is unique, but the typical steps involved in extending power to a new single-family home is outlined below:

New home plans

1. Apply for service online, or call our New Construction Hotline at 1-800-469-3981 during normal business hours.

2. Your local Pacific Power office will contact you within two business days to determine if a site meeting with an estimator is required.

3. Meet estimator on site to discuss your project. The following information will be needed:

  • House location staked
  • Provide basic load data such as:
    • What is the square footage of the living area?
    • All electric or dual energy home?
    • Air conditioner or heat pump size (tonnage) if applicable.
  • Approved site plan including any of the following that apply:
    • House location
    • Roads
    • Water and sewer lines or septic/drain-field and well locations.
    • Any infrastructure that may require clearance from or interfere with power lines.

4. Estimator completes design and job paperwork. Customer paperwork is mailed including a list of items that must be completed before construction can be scheduled.

5. Applicant completes all steps required prior to scheduling construction.

  • Obtain electrical inspection on your meter-base and breaker panel.
  • Obtain trench inspection approval.
  • Return signed contract along any advance payment.
  • Sign and return notarized easement or permit documents.

6. Job is scheduled for construction when the last of these items is received by Pacific Power.