Our Employees

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A good day at Pacific Power is when employees go to work, give their best and return home to their loved ones. Our commitment to an accident-free workplace means we expect that to be the case every day for everyone who works for us.

Accidents don’t just happen; they are caused by actions and circumstances that we can understand and mitigate. Our responsibility as a company is to use every safety incident and near miss as an opportunity to improve our performance and reach a goal of zero accidents.

Our reputation as an industry leader hinges on our safety record. A culture of safety enriches the lives of our employees, increasing productivity, decreasing costs and improving efficiency.

Safety is a top priority for Pacific Power: safety of our employees, facilities and our customers. We run a public safety campaign through customer awareness outreach and education. Our messages focus on general safety around facilities and equipment and are shared in newsletter tips and articles, support for outreach efforts and regular news releases.