Estimated Restoration Times

We prepare year-round to prevent power interruptions. When outages do occur, our crews work 24/7 to restore power as fast – and safe – as possible. We initially set estimated restoration times to about three hours from the time of the first outage report. This figure is based on average restoration times in our area and for our system. Once our crews arrive on the scene, we refine the estimated restoration time based on the damage and estimated time to repair.

Sometimes in a major storm or outage event, restoration times will show as "Not available" or "Unknown at this time." This typically happens in severe weather when our crews are not able to give accurate estimated restoration times because of the extent of the damages and number of repairs required.

You can always check our website, mobile app or call us toll free at 1-877-508-5088 for outage updates. Getting your power back on safely and quickly is our top priority. In big storms, we have additional crews ready from other locations to help restore power.