Reliability & Power Quality

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You can count on Pacific Power to deliver safe, reliable electricity and excellent customer service. We provide 99.98 percent service reliability to customers — and we are always working to improve.

Our efforts are focused on better, smarter, more efficient ways to bring you the service you expect and keep costs down.

Investing in our sytem

We’re making important investments in our system to ensure our customers and communities have the reliable electricity they need to prosper. Our projects include:


  • Our substations in Smith River and Weed were recently upgraded to increase reliability and provide a strong, steady supply of power.
  • Our Lassen Substation project in Mount Shasta is in the design phase. When complete, it will result in increased system capacity to accommodate load growth and improve reliability.


  • Construction of our Snow Goose Substation is underway in southern Oregon and expected to be in service by late 2017. The new substation will strengthen power reliability around the Klamath Basin.
  • Technicians are adding a second transformer near Eagle Point to improve voltage support and provide capacity for future growth. This project is expected to be complete this year.


  • Our River Road and Punkin Center substations serving the Yakima area were upgraded in 2016 to increase capacity.
  • Our Union Gap Substation is in the process of being rebuilt to improve reliability – the project is on schedule for completion this year.

Leveraging technology

Our engineers have developed state-of-the-art computer software and other system performance tools so we can:

  • Better investigate outages to prevent them from happening again.
  • Quickly identify and correct potential reliability problem areas.
  • Gain additional capacity from our existing transmission facilities, using them efficiently to get power where it’s needed.

We’ve also installed automatic vehicle locators in service trucks and snowcats to help us pinpoint the location of line crews and personnel. These devices enhance safety for company workers and save on fuel and costs.

What you can do

Due to a number of factors inside and outside your home, the voltage of your electric service can vary slightly. Most of the time you won't even notice these voltage variations, but modern sophisticated electronic equipment can be very sensitive to even small, split-second electricity fluctuations. Learn more about power quality & equipment protection »

To request information about reliability at your home or business, please complete our contact form or call us at 1-888-221-7070.

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