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This form is intended to provide notification to the power company (Company) that the municipal customer, (Customer), has made, or is requesting the following changes to be made to the streetlighting system for which they are billed. All changes requested are subject to the terms and conditions of the rate schedule indicated above, so long as the location, type of lighting and rate schedule are appropriate and acceptable to the Company; Customer will be notified if the Company is not in agreement with the requested changes. The Customer is responsible for the design of fixture locations, sizes and types.


  • Customers shall not make connections with Company owned facilities. Facilities installed by Customer prior to approval by Company cannot be guaranteed connection by Company
  • Customers may not install or maintain any facilities within 10' of overhead primary voltage lines
  • If there are advance dollars required for installation, removal or connection as per the appropriate tariff, an agreement will be sent to the Customer.
  • Holiday outlets and other non-streetlighting loads must be metered under a general service rate schedule.

Important safety information