Report Streetlight Outages

We do our best to keep the lights on, but sometimes we need your help to let us know if streetlights are out in your neighborhood. You can always call us toll free anytime at 1-877-508-5088 to report an outage.

Or, use our online form and we’ll send you a tracking number for your request:

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Other Service Areas

Please note that we don’t maintain streetlights in all areas. Here are contact numbers for areas where the streetlights are not maintained by us:


Crescent City: 707-464-9506
Dunsmuir: 530-235-4822 Ext. 100
Mt. Shasta: 530-926-7510
Yreka, CA: 530-841-2386


Medford: 541-774-2600
Portland: Call City of Portland at 503-865-5267
White City: Call Jackson County Roads & Parks at 541-774-8184


Yakima: 509-575-6005
Yakima County: 509-574-2300