Segment C - Oquirrh to Terminal

Project Overview

New transmission lines and substations are necessary to provide additional capacity to serve the growing electrical demand of customers and to improve reliability and operational flexibility of the electrical system. These additional transmission facilities are also needed to prepare for future generation resources.
Our company is committed to providing safe, reliable, cost-effective power and has proposed a project to establish a new 14 mile, double circuit 345 kV transmission line connecting two substations in the Salt Lake area. The line will be located in an existing high-voltage transmission line corridor. It will run between the Oquirrh substation, near 10200 South and 5600 West in West Jordan, north to the Terminal substation, located south of the Salt Lake City international airport. This section will link together other new transmission – Mona to Oquirrh and Populus to Terminal – line sections to complete the Gateway Central portion of the Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion. Completion of the project will be determined by customer need with a current projection of that need in 2022, if the timing of the need changes the project schedule will be adjusted to meet the need.

Project Timeline

  • Informational meetings – July 2009 - project completion
  • Obtain rights of way – completed 2009 - 2014
  • Permitting – 2021
  • Construction – 2021 - 2022
  • Estimated line in service for customers – 2022

Additional Information About the Project

Public input is a very important part of this process, and the company is eager to involve the public in all stages of this transmission line development. Additional information about this proposed transmission line will be posted on this website as the project progresses and details are developed. Please check back periodically for updates, including the current Oquirrh to Terminal maps: Terminal to Lake ParkWest Valley (PDF) and Hoggard to Oquirrh (PDF).
To contact us about this project, please call 801-220-4221 or email Please be sure to include the project name –"Oquirrh to Terminal project"– in your inquiry.

(Updated August 2017)