Segment A - Walla Walla to McNary

Project Overview

In order to continue to provide reliable, safe and cost-effective electricity to customers, and support new renewable energy development, Pacific Power is working toward completion of private right of way negotiations and federal permitting prior to beginning construction of a new transmission line between its Wallula substation in Washington and Bonneville Power Administration’s McNary substation near Umatilla, Oregon. The transmission line was originally planned to also connect Wallula with an existing substation in Walla Walla Washington. That section, however, is not scheduled to proceed at this time. The 30-mile, 230-kilovolt line between Wallula and McNary will be constructed on a 125-foot-wide right of way; a map is available on the fact sheet, linked below. Pacific Power is working to minimize impacts to the community and local environment during project development, construction and maintenance.

Project Timeline

  • Public outreach – 2008 until project completion
  • Permitting (Local) - 2008-2016
  • Permitting (Federal) – 2008-2016
  • Begin construction – Estimated 2017
  • Estimated line in service for customers – 2017

Additional Information About the Project

Since 2008, our company has worked with landowners, community members, agencies, tribes and local governments, and conducted engineering, environmental and cultural studies to select a preferred route for the line. This route was submitted to permitting agencies in late 2008, with county conditional use permits issued in early 2009 and a State of Oregon Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity issued in late 2011. The company continues to work with federal agencies to complete those permitting activities and obtain federal rights of way.

In 2009, we decided to move forward with only the 30-mile Wallula to McNary portion of this line based on requests for transmission service. We have delayed development of the Wallula to Walla Walla portion of the line based on an evaluation of evolving regional transmission and resource plans and the cost-effectiveness of our transmission investments.

In 2013, this project was delayed to allow for further assessment of customer needs and development of conditions that would move the project forward. Customers indicated a need for the project in mid-2014, at which point we re-initiated the permitting and right-of-way acquisition processes.

Public Participation

Public input is an important part of the project, and welcome at all stages of the transmission line development. From 2008-2013, our company gathered input about the project through public, group and individual meetings, and local agencies conducted public meetings and comment periods during their permitting processes. Now that we are reinitiating project development, we are conducting additional discussions with permitting agencies and landowners and will continue to provide project materials and newsletters to landowners and other interested parties.

To contact us about this project, please call toll free at 1-877-620-7678 or email Please be sure to include the project name – "Walla Walla to McNary" – in your inquiry.

Additional Resources

PDF View the project fact sheet


(Updated July 27, 2015)