Segment H - West of Hemingway

Project Overview

PacifiCorp’s Energy Gateway transmission expansion investment is intended to better integrate its East and West control areas. Building a line west into Oregon from the Hemingway substation area in western Idaho will increase system flexibility and reliability to serve customers. While originally proposed as an approximately 375-mile, single-circuit 500-kilovolt transmission line from the Hemingway substation to a substation near Klamath Falls, Oregon, PacifiCorp is pursuing joint development opportunities with regional entities on alternatives to this proposed configuration. To that end, in January 2012, PacifiCorp signed a permitting agreement with Idaho Power and the Bonneville Power Administration on the proposed Boardman to Hemingway line.

Project Timeline

Transmission options for “west of Hemingway” are being considered from among alternative projects and will be brought into service as soon as appropriate for PacifiCorp customers. For more information on the alternatives under consideration, please refer to the project websites for Idaho Power’s Boardman to Hemingway project.

Additional Information About the Project

The proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission line is an approximately 300-mile, 500-kilovolt line that would run from a new substation proposed near Boardman, Oregon, to Idaho Power’s recently completed Hemingway substation near Melba, Idaho, southwest of Boise, Idaho. The agreement provides funding for environmental review and permitting, ensuring continued consideration of the project.

PacifiCorp’s Hemingway to Captain Jack line will remain under consideration as development alternatives mature.

Public input is a very important part of this process, and the company is eager to involve the public in all stages of this transmission line development. Please check this website periodically for additional information about these proposed transmission lines as the projects progress and details are developed.


Updated November 19, 2013

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