Evanston to Silver Creek

Project Overview

As part of our commitment to provide customers with safe, reliable and efficient electric service, we announced a project to upgrade the existing transmission line serving customers in Summit and Wasatch counties in Utah. This line has been an important part of the system bringing electric service to customers in Summit and Wasatch counties since 1916.

Responding to growing customer needs, the existing 46,000-volt transmission line is being rebuilt to 138,000 volts to improve electric service and provide flexibility in serving customers. Since the project was announced in 2008, the company continues to work with local officials and the public regarding this project. In total, the line will span approximately 67 miles.

To date, about 46 miles of the project has been completed including the line upgrade from Evanston, Wyoming to Coalville, Utah, and the construction of the new substation near Croydon, Utah.

We continue to work with elected officials and landowners in the area to obtain the permits required to rebuild the remaining 21-mile portion of the line in Utah from Coalville to Park City. On May 10, 2016, the Utah Facility Review Board directed Wasatch County to issue a conditional use permit for the one-quarter-mile section of the transmission line that is within that county. The remainder of this segment of the project is located in Summit County. Construction of foundations for the power line structures will begin in 2016. The line construction and upgrade work at the Coalville substation will take place next year with the line being placed in service to customers by the end of 2017.

To date the line has been constructed from Evanston, Wyoming to Coalville, Utah.

Project Timeline

  • Informational meetings – 2008-2009
  • Permitting and obtaining rights of way – 2010–2016
  • Construction – 2011–2017*
  • Project scheduled in service to customers – 2017

*Construction schedule accounts for work cessation during critical times for sensitive environmental habitat and delays in the overall project schedule.

Additional Information About the Project


If you have questions or comments on this transmission project, please call the Major Construction Projects message line at 801-220-4221 or email ConstructionProjects@pacificorp.com. Please be sure to include the project name - "Evanston to Silver Creek" - in your inquiry.


(Updated June 2, 2016)

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