Snyderville Substation

Providing you with safe, reliable electricity at a reasonable price is our top priority. As part of this commitment, we’re planning to expand the existing Snyderville substation located near Interstate-15 at Kimball Junction. This substation expansion is part of a multi-year project that is systematically upgrading the electric transmission system throughout Summit County.

Electrical needs for customers in the Summit County area continue to grow. According to the Mountainland Association of Governments, the area’s population is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 2.1 percent. In 2010, a cooperative effort among local officials and Rocky Mountain Power developed the Summit-Wasatch Electrical Plan laying out a comprehensive plan of electrical improvements to meet the growing needs of the area. The Snyderville substation expansion project is consistent with the criteria laid out in that plan.

Expanding the Snyderville substation will enhance system reliability in the area. The project will increase the capacity of the transmission system at this key point and will help minimize risks, particularly during the peak periods from November to January each year.

About the Snyderville substation expansion

We plan to expand the existing Snyderville substation by adding a new 138,000-volt transformer inside the substation. This transformer will receive electricity from the transmission line that goes through Parley’s Canyon. The transformer will step down the voltage in order to connect with the 46,000-volt line that travels to Park City. In addition, this change will enhance the system serving customers in the Snyderville area by ultimately providing greater reliability of service and system capacity.

To make space for the new transformer, the footprint of the existing substation will be increased by just less than one acre. The expansion will take place on the west side of the facility and this portion will be dug down a few feet to reduce the visual impact of the expanded portion. In addition, a decorative wall will be built around the substation. Also as part of the project, a new 80-foot steel transmission pole will replace the existing steel structure just outside of the substation to the west.

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We applied to the Summit County Planning and Zoning Commission for a conditional use permit to expand the Snyderville substation. It is expected that this issue will be discussed in that public forum during October or November 2015. A decision on that permit is anticipated by the end of the year.

Project Timeline

  • Conditional use permit process - September-December 2015
  • Public information meeting - September-December 2015
  • Construction begins - Spring 2016
  • Substation expansion in service to customers - Fall 2016


If you have questions about this project please call us at 801-220-4221 or send us an email at Please be sure to include the project name – Snyderville substation – when you contact us. Please check this website periodically for updates.


(Updated March 9, 2016)

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