Cedar Creek II Wind Farm

The Cedar Creek II Wind Farm is a 250- Megawatt (MW) project developed 20 miles north of New Raymer, Weld County in the state of Colorado. The project broke ground in September 2010 and was commissioned in July 2011. The wind farm generates enough electricity to supply power to 75,000 households. The wind farm created 19 permanent jobs and employed around 350 workers during peak construction.

Cedar Creek II was constructed to the east of the existing 300.5 MW Cedar Creek I Wind Farm, which was commissioned in 2007. The new wind farm added 123 turbines to the existing 274 turbines of the Cedar Creek I, increasing the total number to 397. The project features a combination of GE and Nordex wind turbines. It has 63 GE SLE turbines of 1.6 MW each and 60 Nordex N90/2500 wind turbines of 2.5 MW each.