Burnt River Wind

Watch the video of project construction and interviews with local residents

Burnt River WindBurnt River Wind

Thanks to our community of Blue Sky Usage and Habitat participants, the development of a new wind facility was made possible in eastern Oregon! This 50-megawatt project with 25 turbines came online in 2017.

This wind farm, formerly known as Huntington Wind, brought over 80 construction jobs to the area and boosted local business. Since customers participating in Blue Sky’s Usage and Habitat program options were essential in the creation of this project, we invited Blue Sky participants to help name the facility by casting votes over the course of seven months.

Over the course of construction, the project created several construction jobs, helped boost the surrounding economy and provided an interesting project for local spectators to keep tabs on. Located in the small town of Huntington, Oregon, the wind farm is located on a family owned ranch.

Blue Sky customers also brought a solar facility online last year near Klamath Falls, Oregon that they named “Blue Basin Power."

Both projects are a result of an industry leading approach that leverages Blue Sky customer demand to drive development of new projects in Oregon. The approach led to two separate industry awards in 2016—The Green Power Leadership award from the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an Environmental Excellence Award from the Associated Oregon Industries (AOI) in partnership with the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC).