Huntington Wind

Watch the video of project construction and interviews with local residents

New wind farm, new name!

Huntington Wind Farm

Thanks to our community of Blue Sky Usage and Habitat participants, the development of a new wind facility was made possible in eastern Oregon! This 50-megawatt project with 25 turbines will come on-line in 2017.

Since Blue Sky customers made this project possible, we want your help naming it! Cast your vote now and follow us on Facebook to receive updates.

Over the course of construction, the project created several construction jobs, helped boost the surrounding economy and provided an interesting project for local spectators to keep tabs on. Located in the small town of Huntington, Oregon, the wind farm is located on a family owned ranch.

As a result of this wind project and Blue Basin Power, both made possible by Blue Sky participants, Pacific Power was proud to accept the Environmental Excellence Award in 2016.