Blue Basin Power

Blue Basin PowerBlue Basin Power boasts 45 rows and over 3,400 solar panels!

The votes are in. You’ve decided on Blue Basin Power as the new name for the first solar facility in Oregon developed as a result of Blue Sky-participant demand. The innovative development approach for the project already has gained national recognition.

Over the course of six months, Blue Sky participants cast votes to name the facility, formerly known as “Ewauna 1.” Blue Basin Power received 23 percent more votes than the other options.

“It’s a great choice,” said Cory Scott, Director of Customer Solutions at Pacific Power. “The name combines the project’s location – the Klamath Basin – with the recognition that it was made possible with Blue Sky participant support.”

Blue Basin Power came about differently than some renewable energy projects. Green power programs traditionally purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to meet customer demand from existing renewable energy facilities. This practice creates demand for more renewables but in a less direct way.

“What’s unique about Blue Basin Power is that Blue Sky started working with developers before the project broke ground and became the direct tipping point to make the project a reality,” said Cory Scott “It’s this approach that led the Center for Resource Solutions to recognize the project for leadership in market development.”

“One Energy Renewables is proud to work with Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program. This project would not have been viable without the support of voluntary market demand,” said Bill Eddie, CEO of One Energy Renewable, the project developer.

In its first phase, the Blue Basin Power boasts 45 rows of 3,420 total solar panels and a generation capacity of one megawatt. The location, just south of Klamath Falls on nearly 4 acres of industrial zoned land, was selected for its excellent solar resources. An additional 20 acres are available at the site for a second phase of the project. As many as 46 primarily Oregon-based jobs have been created during the life of the project’s construction.

You can track real-time solar generation for this project at this dashboard.

This project was made possible thanks to Blue Sky customers participating in the Usage and Habitat options.

BlueBasinSolar340.gifBlue Basin Power’s Phase 1 construction in Southern Oregon largely took place during the winter.