Driving the Renewable Energy Economy


More than five billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, generated at nearly 200 facilities across the western region have been supported by Blue Sky participants since 2000. From a small 9-megawatt wind farm owned and operated by brothers on their family farm in Oregon to much larger wind farms across Wyoming and more diverse renewable energy projects large and small, the impacts of Blue Sky customer support has been felt across the western region including every state where Blue Sky customers live.

By supporting renewable energy equal to all or part of their home’s or business' monthly electric use, Blue Sky participants like you are not just making a difference for the environment, you’re helping to drive an industry that’s led to economic benefits across your region as well. Lease payments for wind farms bring revenue for landowners, often family farms, and tax revenue for communities. In just one year, in the states where Blue Sky customers live, land lease payments generated over $43,000,000 and almost 10,000 jobs were directly or indirectly supported by the wind industry.* These jobs include manufacturing, operations, maintenance, construction and more.

When Blue Sky launched in 2000, there were only nine wind farms in the states where Blue Sky customers live. Today, there are more than 145, with more planned.

Customers in Oregon are also supporting a diverse mix of renewables through the Usage and Habitat options. The specific mix changes from year to year but since 2002, they have supported more than 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours of wind, more than 800 million kilowatt-hours of biomass, more than 27 million kilowatt-hours of solar and tens of millions of kilowatt-hours of geothermal and certified low-impact hydro in the west – more than 85 percent from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Wahsingotn and Idaho) alone.

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*based on information from the America Wind Energy Association (AWEA).