YOU Have Made All the Difference

See the difference you've made!

As we move into 2015, we approach our fifteenth anniversary as a leading green power program with participation now at a historic 100,594. And, over the years, we know that tens of thousands more people have participated in the program at one time. Their support, combined with current participants, has meant that more than five billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy has been supported in the west. That is enough energy to power more than half a million customers' homes for an entire year!

In the last year alone, more than 673 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy was supported by Blue Sky participants! That is equivalent to avoiding more than 410,000 tons of CO2 – that’s comparable to taking more than 78,000 cars off the road for a whole year!

Many customers who enrolled in 2000 are still participating in Blue Sky after 15 years. This consistent support of Blue Sky has led program participants to be recognized for their leadership on industry top ten lists, awards for best program and the communities where customers live to stand out in the Nation as EPA Green Power Communities. In fact, ten of the 56 EPA Green Power Communities in the Nation are communities where Blue Sky participants live and do business.

Blue Sky was designed to give customers a choice. Customers choose to support renewable energy to preserve natural resources for future generations, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, have a positive impact on the environment and to drive an industry and create jobs in their region.

For whatever your reasons, you have made a difference and in supporting renewable energy through Blue Sky, you have ensured the success of a green power program and increased the opportunity for others to make a choice to support renewable energy, too!

Thank you!