You Make a Difference in Communities


More community-based renewable energy projects are coming on-line thanks to Blue Sky customers like you.*  Since Blue Sky customers awarded the first community project funds in 2006, more than 200 new renewable energy installations have been made possible, 17 in the last year alone. This number alone is a lot to celebrate, but what’s really remarkable are the ways these projects enhance Blue Sky customers’ communities.

Increasing exposure to renewable energy

Community project support has emphasized highly visible and education-focused projects. With more than 10 projects funded at museums and libraries, and at 82 educational organizations and schools ranging from elementary to university, Blue Sky customers are helping create learning opportunities for students of all types.

Helping organizations serve the community

Community projects help organizations save on operating costs, freeing up more resources for all of the important work that they do. For instance, Blue Sky customers have awarded:

  • 18 projects at houses of worship
  • 11 at humane societies, zoos and other organizations focused on wildlife protection, animal welfare or preservation
  • 26 at public spaces including community centers, recreation, public transportation, fair grounds, expo/convention centers and more
  • 10 at fire stations and public safety facilities
  • 5 at food banks
  • 5 at hospitals and public health organizations
  • 3 at military and veteran’s services facilities

You can view a full list of community projects that received funding regionally, statewide and close to home and check out the most recent round of projects funded.

* Blue Sky block option customers support wind energy generation from facilities in the western region and help fund new community-based renewable energy projects in their state.