Sharing Blue Sky - For Businesses

You can promote your Blue Sky commitment with your coworkers and customers by sharing what Blue Sky is, how it fits with other values and practices that your company may have adopted and how they can sign up or learn more. Write your own email, letter or even a newsletter story or use the sample language below:

We are making a difference by supporting renewable energy, and so can you!

Reducing our impact, supporting local communities, and building a better future are values that we are proud to share with our customers and employees. That’s why we want to let you know about our support for Pacific Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy program and encourage you to enroll your own home or business today.

Blue Sky shares our values:

  • Environmental stewardship: Supporting renewable energy is essential for a sustainable energy future and helps us avoid greenhouse gas emissions. Our Blue Sky support is associated with environmental impacts equivalent to < calculate the equivalent environmental impacts of your businesses’ Blue Sky support at >
  • Supporting local communities: We are making an impact locally and beyond by supporting renewable energy facilities in the region. Signing up for the Blue Sky Block program also supports the development of smaller-scale renewable energy projects right here in the state!
  • Building a better future: Blue Sky customers support millions of kilowatt-hours of renewable energy in the region every year, boosting local economies through job creation and investments in renewable energy projects.

Blue Sky is one of many practices we have adopted to make a difference and we hope that you will join us!

To learn how you can support renewable energy with the Blue Sky program visit or call 1-800-769-3717.