Blue Sky Business Partner Program

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The Blue SkySM Business Partner Program rewards businesses for supporting renewable energy through the Blue Sky program. The Blue Sky program allows organizations to support renewable energy as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with their electricity use and achieve their environmental goals through a renewable energy purchase that represents a specific percentage of their energy use.

When joining the Blue Sky Business Partner Program, your business has the flexibility to choose whether your entire organization or a facility within your organization becomes a Blue Sky Business Partner. This flexibility allows an organization to fine tune its renewable energy purchase. 

To become a Blue Sky business partner an organization must meet or exceed a minimum percentage of renewable energy (see Table below) that corresponds to the organization's energy use.

A minimum purchase level and a one-year commitment are required to participate in our business partnership program. See chart below.

Blue Sky Business Partner program Partnership levels

Recognition category
Percentage/minimum requirement
Maximum requirement*
30% of load or 50 blocks, whichever is greater
750 blocks/month
10% of load or 10 blocks, whichever is greater
350 blocks/month

Under 10,000 kilowatt-hours (kwh)
Over 10,000 kwh

4 blocks/month
7 blocks/month

Luminary (Oregon small businesses only)

100% of usage via the Oregon Usage or Habitat option

*business can purchase more if they wish

List of current Blue Sky business partners »

Recognition benefit levels

Recognition Item Visionary Champion Supporter Luminary
Window Sticker x x x x
Blue Sky business partner logo for your website and communications materials (available upon request) x x x x
Business Partner Poster (available upon request) x x x x
Certificate   x   x
Plaque x      
Enjoy Increased Marketing and Promotional Opportunities
Biannual Forecast newsletter x x x x
Offer Blue Sky residential customers coupons through mobile app
x x x x
Company listing on Pacific Power website x x x x
Visibility in Pacific Power advertising and customer communications, including social media x x x x
Name listed in biannual partner thank you newspaper ad x x x x


Buying Blue Sky can also help businesses meet the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program renewable power requirements. LEED is a self-assessing system designed for rating the environmental performance of new and existing commercial buildings. Businesses can also qualify for the EPA's Green Power Partnership program.

Enroll in Blue Sky online now or, if you've already signed up, you can complete our business partnership form (below) and fax it to us. 

Fact sheets

Enrollment forms

To find out more about how your company can benefit from Blue Sky, please call 1-800-769-3717 or contact your local account manager.