Blue Sky Habitat


Our Blue Sky Habitat renewable energy option provides residential and small business customers the choice to not only purchase and support renewable energy but also help restore and preserve habitats for native fish, including salmon, in Oregon through an automatic $2.50 monthly donation.

As with our other Blue Sky options, customers who participate in this voluntary program are reducing dependence on fossil fuels, encouraging more renewable energy generation and tying 100 percent of their usage to renewable energy resources.

With this option you support a blend of 100 percent Pacific Northwest renewable resources from Oregon, Washington and Idaho to match your electric use. Your participation will likely support a blend of wind (78%), biomass (12%) solar (9%) and geothermal (1%). *A minority of resources from the greater Western Region may be purchased, if needed, to maintain price stability.

What makes the Blue Sky Habitat option unique is it provides customers the opportunity to help restore native fish habitat, improving streams throughout Oregon. The $2.50 donation paid by participating customers is passed through to The Freshwater Trust and used to restore habitat in Pacific Power's service area. They coordinate the use of customer funds and match with grant dollars, making even more habitat projects happen in our communities.

If you choose to participate in the Habitat option you pay $0.0105 more per kilowatt-hour above Basic Service rates to support 100 percent renewable energy and a $2.50 flat monthly rate. The typical Oregon household using 950 kilowatt-hours monthly will pay $12.48 more each month to participate in this voluntary program. The total additional amount paid each month will fluctuate depending on your monthly usage, but the $2.50 donation to promote healthy fish habitat remains the same.

Blue Sky customer participation helps support renewable energy on the power system and encourages more development.

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For a list of projects benefiting from Blue Sky Habitat customers:

To find out more about how The Freshwater Trust was selected to manage Habitat funds, go to our frequently asked questions page.