Snake Creek Reconnection

The Snake Creek Reconnection habitat project that received Blue Sky funding in 2013 is now complete.

Snake Creek ReconnectionSnake Creek channel as digging reaches the mouth of the Sycan River (April 2015).

As a result of this project, three river miles of habitat have been protected and restored. The project opens up 80 miles of habitat by reconnecting Snake Creek to the Sycan River by constructing a meandering channel benefitting redband trout and native sucker species of all life stages. It will also benefit anadromous Chinook and steelhead trout once dams are removed (proposed in 2017). Three miles of streamside fencing were installed to prevent livestock from access to the new channel.

Completion of road work and fencing took place in fall 2014.

In-stream work, channel construction, culvert improvements and riparian plantings took place between May and June 2015. 

Total project costs: $166,443

Blue Sky Habitat funds: $30,000 or 18% of the project costs

Snake Creek culvertA new culvert enables the channel to effectively transport sediment through its system.

This project was led by the Klamath Watershed Partnership (KWP), a community based nonprofit organization focusing on the needs of landowners and natural resource sustainability, working in collaboration with Upper Klamath Basin landowners, agencies and other partners.

Partners on this project included: US Fish & Wildlife Service, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Landowner and the Oregon Community Foundation.

SeedingSeeding (May 2015)