2014 Oregon Habitat Restoration Projects

Our Blue Sky Habitat renewable energy option provides residential and small business customers the choice to not only purchase and support renewable energy but also help restore and preserve habitats for native fish, including salmon, in Oregon through an automatic $2.50 monthly donation. See the difference Blue Sky Habitat customers made in 2014 »

Bear Creek Riparian Improvement

County: Jackson

Watershed: Rogue River

Description: The Rogue Valley Council of Governments, along with the City of Medford and numerous other local partner, is working with public and private landowners to improve riparian and stream bank conditions along Beer Creek. The project includes removal of invasive plants, installation and maintenance of native shrubs and trees and the incorporation of bioswales to treat urban runoff flowing through the newly planted streamside sites.

Native fish benefited: Chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead trout

Lone Pine Creek Riparian Restoration Project

Watershed: Bear Creek

Description: The Lone Pine Creek Riparian Restoration Project will restore degraded streamside habitat along 710 feet of Lone Pine Creek in southern Oregon. Students from Cascade Christian High School will remove invasive plant species and plant native shrubs and trees, which will provide shade to the stream channel where there is none now. This stewardship program with high school students promotes community service and field-learning.

Native fish benefited: steelhead trout, Chinook salmon

Upper Sandy River Basin Habitat Project

County: Clackamas

Watershed: Sandy River

Description: The Upper Sandy River Basin Restoration Project builds on years of significant habitat restoration projects on the Salmon River and Still Creek in the Sandy River Basin. Restoration activities for this year’s project include the reactivation of flow to seven side channels that are currently dewatered, restoration of two alcoves, construction of 43 large wood habitat structures, placement of 205 boulders and revegetation of streamside banks.

Native fish benefited: steelhead trout, Chinook salmon, coho salmon, Pacific lamprey

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