2016 Oregon Habitat Restoration Projects


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Lostine River/Sheep Ridge Fish Passage Improvement - Grande Ronde Model Watershed

County: Wallowa

Watershed: Wallowa – Lostine

Description: Co-managed by the Grande Ronde Model Watershed and the Nez Perce Tribe, the Sheep Ridge Fish Passage Improvement project is on northeast Oregon’s Lostine River. A concrete fish ladder installed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in the 1960s is currently acting as a significant barrier for migrating fish species.  By replacing the structure, year-round fish passage will be restored to 20 miles of the Lostine.

Native fish benefited: Spring Chinook and summer steelhead

The 2016 Bear Creek Riparian Restoration Project – Lomakatsi Restoration Project

County: Jackson

Watershed: Bear Creek

The 2016 Bear Creek Riparian Restoration Project will restore degraded streamside habitat at the confluence of Lone Pine Creek and Bear Creek. Together, hundreds of students and Lomakatsi restoration experts will re-establish native trees and shrubs along and remove invasive weeds along the streambank. This vegetation improvement will shade the creek for anadromous fish, improve water quality, and provide a healthy and diverse forest for wildlife habitat. The planting will also stabilize banks to reduce erosion and sediment, provide nutrients for aquatic life, and create a future source of large woody debris for fish.

Native fish benefited: Summer steelhead, fall Chinook, coho, and lamprey

Alder Island Restoration and Visitor Access Project – Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council

County: Lincoln

Watershed: Siletz River

The Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council will work with a collection of partners to restore wetland habitat for anadromous fisheries and other wildlife on Alder Island in the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The project will create breaches in a levee surrounding the Alder Island Tract and include channel excavation to restore seven acres of diked wetlands to fully functional tidal marsh.. In addition, trail construction around the perimeter of the island will be completed. These improvements will provide refuge visitors better access to hiking, fishing, wildlife observation and photography opportunities.

Native fish benefited: Spring and fall Chinook, coho, summer and winter steelhead, sea run cutthroat, and chum

Upper Sandy River Basin Habitat Restoration Project – The Freshwater Trust

County: Clackamas

Watershed: Sandy River

The Freshwater Trust, on behalf of the Sandy River Basin Partners, will increase side channel habitat and floodplain connectivity on the Salmon River and Still Creek. The goal is to benefit federally-listed spring Chinook, coho and winter steelhead in the Sandy River basin by accelerating the recovery of natural conditions within the stream channels and floodplain areas. Funding will support the reactivation of flow to six historic side channels, construction of 51 large wood habitat structures, restoration of two alcoves, and placement of additional large wood in side channels and on stream margins. The project will use restoration techniques that are designed to be self-sustaining.

Native fish benefited: Spring Chinook, coho and winter steelhead