Blue Sky Habitat Restoration Projects (2002-2010)

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Since 2002 Blue Sky Habitat customer donations have helped provide funding for more than 61 projects in more than a dozen counties which supported habitat areas equivalent to more than 100 river miles. Listed below are the projects benefiting from Blue Sky Habitat customers (projects 1-55 are linked to our partnership with The Nature Conservancy from 2004 - 2010):

  1. Circle Creek. Salmon habitat protection and restoration (2005)
  2. Upper Joseph Creek. Steelhead barrier removal (2005)
  3. Sucker Creek. Salmon passage improvement (2005)
  4. Bethel Creek. Salmon habitat restoration (2005)
  5. West Fork Williams Creek. Salmon habitat restoration (2005)
  6. Salmon Creek. Salmon habitat restoration (2005)
  7. Lower Columbia River, Big Creek. Control of aquatic invasives (2005)
  8. Middle Fork John Day. Habitat enhancement and eradication of invasives (2005)
  9. Camp Creek. Removal of earthen dams and channel restoration (2005)
  10. Elk River. Stream and riparian habitat protection (2005)
  11. Middle and Coast Fork Willamette River. Instream flow restoration (2005)
  12. Elk Creek/Joe Hall Creek. Stream and riparian habitat restoration (2005)
  13. Middle Fork John Day. Riparian conservation easement (2005)
  14. Salmon River. Salmon conservation planning and restoration (2006)
  15. Oregon Estuaries.  Salmon indicator monitoring (2006)
  16. Young’s Bay.  Tidal habitat restoration (2006)
  17. Summit Creek. Steelhead passage improvement (2006)
  18. Crosel Creek.  Coho habitat protection (2006)
  19. Oregon Groundwater.  Protection of groundwater for conservation of salmon (2006)
  20. Brownie Creek. Stream and riparian habitat restoration (2007)
  21. Oregon Freshwater Habitat Assessment.  Habitat assessment for anadromous fish (2007)
  22. Calapooia-Santiam Landowner Recruitment.  Riparian protection and restoration (2007)
  23. Middle Fork John Day River and Big Boulder Creek.  Salmon habitat restoration (2007)
  24. Doe Creek.  Culvert removal for fish passage (2007)
  25. Jones Creek. Re-establishment of fish passage at two culverts (2007)
  26. Ecola Creek. Side channel and wetlands restoration engineering design (2007)
  27. Lostine River. Streamflow guidelines for salmon (2007)
  28. Freshwater Mussels Assessment. Review of mussel species status and effects on salmon (2007)
  29. Necanicum River. River and floodplain restoration planning (2007)
  30. Arch Cape subwatershed. Wetland and riparian buffer inventory (2007)
  31. Yaquina estuary. Conservation and restoration blueprint (2007)
  32. Young’s Bay. Riparian habitat restoration (2008)
  33. Imnaha River. River and riparian habitat protection (2008)
  34. South Fork Deer Creek (S. Umpqua). Instream and riparian habitat restoration (2008)
  35. Upper Middle Fork John Day River. Floodplain restoration (2008)
  36. Murphy Creek. In-stream restoration and habitat improvement (2008)
  37. Middle and Coast Fork Willamette River. Design for channel and floodplain restoration (2008)
  38. Little Butte Creek. Riparian habitat restoration (2008)
  39. Little Butte Creek. Reconnect stream meander to increase channel complexity (2009)
  40. Camp Creek. Engineering designs to remove fish passage barrier (2009)
  41. Elk and Sixes Rivers. Maintain and enhance riparian vegetation (2009)
  42. Santiam and Calapooia Rivers. Work with landowners to protect riparian buffers (2009)
  43. Deer Creek. Habitat and streamflow restoration (2009)
  44. Big Creek. Land acquisition for conservation (2009)
  45. Crooked River. Streamflow restoration for steelhead and other aquatic species (2009)
  46. Lewis and Clark River. Habitat Conservation (2010)
  47. Upper Camp Creek. Stream and riparian restoration (2010)
  48. Siuslaw River. Spartina patens control (2010)
  49. Willamette River (Harken’s Lake). Land acquisition and restoration (2010)
  50. Miami and Kilchis Rivers. Land acquisition and restoration (2010)
  51. Grey Creek. Culvert replacement and riparian vegetation planting (2010)
  52. Coquille Valley. Acquisition and restoration of key floodplain habitats (2010)
  53. Deer Creek. Instream restoration work and replanting of riparian vegetation (2010)
  54. Middle Rogue River. Riparian habitat restoration and replanting of riparian vegetation (2010)
  55. Lostine Creek. Protection of riparian area to improve water quality and fish habitat (2010)

For The Sake Of The Salmon Projects (2002-2004)

  • FSOS 1 – Hawk Creek. In-stream restoration work
  • FSOS 2 – Tenmile Lakes Watershed. Plant riparian vegetation
  • FSOS 3 – South Fork Coquille River. Construct riparian fence and plant vegetation
  • FSOS 4 – North Fork Coquille River. Remove fish passage barrier
  • FSOS 5 – Coos Watershed. In-stream and riparian work
  • FSOS 6 – Klatskanine River (Sharnelle Fee). Tidal and wetland restoration
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    Funds provided by Pacific Power Blue Sky Habitat Customers help make on-the-ground projects a reality. Blue Sky customer habitat donations are leveraged with dollars from federal, state and local agencies, non-governmental organizations, provide foundations, private businesses and landowners who collectively restore and preserve health habitats and ecological processes in rivers, streams and wetlands. 

    For more information on Pacific Power environmental programs, please visit Habitat Protection on our corporate site.

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