Oregon Blue Sky Habitat Projects 2009

Big CreekBig Creek © Paul Engelmeyer/Audubon Society.

Since 2002 Blue Sky Habitat customers have provided thousands of dollars to local projects, including the following projects which were selected for funding in 2009: 

Big Creek
Location: Lane County
Description: Protection of one of the last significant in-holdings of private land in the Cummins-Rock Creek Conservation Area will benefit rearing coho salmon, as well as steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout. Originally destined for a coastal resort, the 193-acre property also includes potential Oregon silverspot butterfly and northern spotted owl habitats.

Little Butte Creek
Location: Jackson County
Description: Reconnection of an 0.8-mile meander historically blocked for mining will increase and improve winter habitat for  coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

camp creekCamp Creek © Michael Durham/The Nature Conservancy

Camp Creek
Location: Wallowa County
Description: Design and evaluation of alternative irrigation diversions will lead to removal of a fish passage barrier. Resulting increases in water flow and access to upstream habitat  will benefit threatened Snake River steelhead.

Elk River, Sixes River and tributaries
Location: Curry County
Description: Maintenance and enhancement of previously planted native vegetation at five sites will provide critical rearing and spawning habitat for coho and Chinook salmon. Eradication of invasive brush species will also benefit habitat and improve stream shading.

Santiam and Calapooia watersheds

Location: Linn and Marion counties
Description: Outreach to private landowners will guide weed removal, fencing, streambank reshaping and construction of riparian buffers in three mid-Willamette sub-basins. Resulting stream shade throughout the region will benefit  steelhead trout and Chinook salmon.

Deer Creek
Location: Josephine County
Description: Rehabilitation of a two-mile reach will benefit several species of native fish including federally listed Southern Oregon/Northern California coho salmon. Projects include addition of large woody debris and native vegetation, increasing channel length and meanders, and reducing streambank erosion.

Crooked River
Location: Crook County
Description: Collaborative identification of flow needs in this key tributary to the Deschutes River will benefit steelhead, salmon and other native freshwater species. With two dams retrofitted to allow fish passage, and fish reintroduced into the upper basin, restoration of stream conditions will help ensure reproductive success of steelhead in the Upper Deschutes Basin.

Funds provided by Pacific Power Blue Sky Habitat Customers help make on-the-ground projects a reality. Blue Sky customer habitat donations are leveraged with dollars from federal, state and local agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations, private businesses and landowners who, together, restore and preserve health habitats and ecological processes in rivers, streams and wetlands.

For more information, please visit The Nature Conservancy's Web site detailing their work in Oregon and around the world. 

For more information on Pacific Power environmental programs, please visit Habitat Protection on our corporate site.