Oregon Blue Sky Habitat Projects 2010

Project Name: Harken’s Lake Conservation Initiative

County: Benton

Willamette River

This project will create a nearly 600 acre conservation zone in a priority floodplain area (Harkens Lake) of the mainstem Willamette River.  It will reconnect a historical link between the two floodplains north of Harrisbug and restore bottomland hardwood forests to the floodplain. This project will benefit Spring Chinook, Cutthroat Trout, Pacific Lamprey, Western pond turtles as well as other native fish species.

Project Name: Siuslaw River (Cox Island) - Spartina patens control

County: Lane

Siuslaw River

This project will eradicate the Class A, T-list noxious weed Spartina patens from its only occurrence in Oregon. It will restore and protect otherwise intact salt marsh habitat that provides important rearing habitat for multiple species of anadromous fish including Fall Chinook, Coho, Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout. It will also prevent spread of this invasive species to other tidal marsh habitat being restored in the Siuslaw estuary and in other Oregon estuaries.

Project Name: Miami and Kilchis Rivers - Salmon Habitat Protection & Restoration

County: Tillamook

Miami and Kilchis Rivers, Tillamook Bay

This project will acquire 108 acres on the Miami and Kilchis Rivers near their confluence with Tillamook Bay. Restroration work on the wetland sections of the property will include filling drainage ditches, creating a new sinuous stream channel and tidal channels; embedding large wood in the floodplain, as well as replanting riparian plant species. Benefiting species include Coho, Chum, Chinook, Steelhead, sea-run coastal Cutthroat Trout, and Pacific lamprey.

Project Name: Zumwalt Upper Camp Creek Stream and Riparian Restoration


Watershed: upper Camp Creek

Improve riparian and aquatic habitat  over 8.4 miles of upper Camp Creek watershed by removing or retrofitting 11 earthen dams that block fish passage or impact stream integrity, fencing off riparian areas from cattle, planting hardwoods and providing off-channel water structures for grazing animals.  

Project Name: Lewis & Clark River Habitat Conservation Project

County: Clatsop

Watershed: Columbia River estuary

This project will conserve 100 acres of floodplain, wetlands and associated uplands in the Columbia River estuary outside of Astoria and will enable great opportunities for river restoration to enhance important salmon and steelhead habitat currently precluded by non-conservation ownership.

Project Name: Coquille Valley Habitat Conservation

County: Coos

Watershed: Coquille River

Project Summary:  Acquire and protect 622 acres of floodplain fish and wildlife habitat in the lower Coquille valley that includes more than 5.6 miles of stream channel habitat and 500 acres of high-quality wetland habitat. Once acquired, restoration plans will be completed and implemented including invasive species control, placement of large wood, reconnection of historic stream channels, removal of dikes, ditches and tidal floodgates and planting of native shrub and trees. The project will benefit coho, Chinook and chum salmon, steelhead, and coastal cutthroat trout.

Project Name: Deer Creek Habitat Restoration

County: Josephine

Watershed: Illinois

Project Summary: Restore salmon habitat along 2 miles of the Oxbow Ranch in Deer Creek.  Provide over-wintering habitat and flood refugia for juvenile salmon and steelhead by narrowing the channel, creating large wood structures, and reconnecting off-channel habitats. Plant native riparian vegetation to improve stream temperature. The project will benefit coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Project Name: Middle Rogue Riparian Area Restoration

County: Josephine

Watershed: Middle Rogue

Project Summary:  Enhance riparian conditions and improve water quality along four high priority streams in the Rogue River-Hellgate Watershed by removing invasive Himalayan blackberries and replacing them with native trees and shrubs. Work with landowners and volunteers to complete the project and promote stewardship of river and riparian habitat. The project will benefit coho and Chinook salmon and winter steelhead.

Project Name: Lostine Creek Conservation Easement

County: Wallowa

Watershed: Wallowa

Project Summary:
  Conserve 197 acres of riparian floodplain habitat on the Lostine River near its confluence with the Wallowa River to allow restoration of critical salmon habitat.  The long-term conservation easement will allow a two-phase restoration project to 1) improve water quality in return flows from nearby creeks, prior to the water entering Wallowa and Lostine rivers; 2) improve off-channel rearing habitat at the lower end of Spring Branch Creek; and 3) enlarge wetland area and associated habitat for a broad-variety of wetland-dependent species.

Project Name: Grey Creek Habitat and Riparian Restoration

County: Coos
Watershed: Coquille River

Project Summary:  Replace an undersized culvert that is currently blocking fish passage with a larger one that will ensure fish passage.  Plant native trees and shrubs in the riparian area to improve habitat and water quality, and to reduce contaminated run-off from surrounding agricultural fields.  This project will benefit coho and Chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and cutthroat trout.