Oregon Blue Sky Habitat Projects 2008

Gadberry Riparian ImprovementLittle Butte Creek runs along side the Gadberry Ranch © Jim Yuskavitch/The Nature Conservancy

Since 2002 Blue Sky Habitat customers have provided thousands of dollars to local projects, including the following projects which were selected for funding in 2008: 

Gadberry Riparian Improvement
Location: Jackson County
Description: Remove non-native riparian vegetation, replant native vegetation, install cattle exclusion fence and provide off-site watering trough for cattle with solar pump benefiting coho salmon and steelhead trout.

Young's Bay /North Fork Klaskanie
Location: Clatsop County
Description: Riparian restoration work includes the eradication of Japanese Knotweed and planting of conifer species to benefit five listed salmonid species that inhabit these waters.

Hell's Canyon/Imnaha River
Location: Wallowa County
Description: About six and a half acres were acquired, including water rights in the Hells Canyon Conservation area preventing sub-division and development with associated loss or degrading of aquatic and terrestrial habitat. 

South Fork Deer Creek
Location: Douglas County
Description:In-stream placement of large wood and boulders will improve fish habitat and reconnect the channel to the floodplain, reducing erosion and improving water quality. Eradication of invasive brush species and riparian planting will benefit habitat and improve stream shading.

Upper Middle Fork John Day RiverUpper Middle Fork John Day © Laura Moran/The Nature Conservancy

Upper Middle Fork John Day River
Location: Grant County
Description: Crews will plant ponderosa pine seedlings in the floodplain to create shade to maintain cool water temperatures, improve habitat for aquatic species and provide in-stream structure.

Murphy Creek
Location: Josephine County
Description:Add large wood for spawning, reading and high flow habitat to benefit native coho and steelhead populations.

Lower Coast and Middle Fork Willamette
Location: Lane County
Description:Design channel and floodplain restoration projects to benefit Chinook salmon, winter steelhead, bull trout and Oregon Chub. Improved floodplain conditions will also benefit numerous plant and animal special including Fender's blue butterfly, western pond turtle, red-legged frogs and migrating and wintering water foul.

Funds provided by Pacific Power Blue Sky Habitat Customers help make on-the-ground projects a reality. Blue Sky customer habitat donations are leveraged with dollars from federal, state and local agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations, private businesses and landowners who, together, restore and preserve health habitats and ecological processes in rivers, streams and wetlands.

For more information, please visit The Nature Conservancy's Web site detailing their work in Oregon and aound the world. 

For more information on Pacific Power environmental programs, please visit Habitat Protection on our corporate site.