Blue Sky Community Project Funds

An opportunity to promote additional renewable energy development


Pacific Power’s Blue Sky customers are making a difference by supporting renewable energy generation in the western region. Since 2006, Blue Sky customers have also helped fund over 100 new community-based renewable energy projects in Oregon, Washington and California communities.

Blue Sky funding awards cover up to 100 percent of the capital costs to install qualifying, new renewable energy systems for non-residential sites in Pacific Power's service area. 

The projects selected provide strong environmental, economic and educational benefits to the communities we serve.

Funding Process

Projects are selected annually through a competitive evaluation process. Applications are accepted during a defined application period.  

Funding is limited and varies year-to-year. Individual award amount is influenced by a number of factors, including the number and type of applications received and the outcome of the evaluation process. Submitting an application does not guarantee funding or funding amount. Before applying, please thoroughly review the eligibility guidelines, evaluation criteria and on-going reporting requirements to determine if your project fits our program goals and criteria. If you believe your project is a good candidate for funding, please submit an application, along with all required supplemental documentation during the annual application period.

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