Award Recipient Requirements

If your project is selected for funding, you will be subject to certain requirements to maintain your project’s eligibility. The following describes the current award requirements, which are subject to change without notice:

Project reports

  1. Submit quarterly progress reports on the 15th day of the month following the close of each calendar quarter until the project is completed and on-line. Failure to submit reports may delay the processing of future reimbursement or for the award offer to be rescinded.
  2. Notify Pacific Power as soon as possible in writing of any change in project scope via the project change request form. You must receive approval from Pacific Power prior to altering the scope of the project. The original level of funding awarded will be reevaluated at that time against the new project scope.
  3. Submit a final report and final detailed financial summary, and supporting documentation, upon completion of the project, summarizing the project specifications, completion date, anticipated electricity production, educational components and community benefit, etc. as well as documentation that verifies completion (definition below) and detailed renewable energy project costs.
  4. Provide documentation of any funding sources not secured at the time of application submission.
  5. Keep the Blue Sky funding award administrator and local utility contact apprised of project updates and opportunities to participate in celebrations and news/press announcements as your project develops and upon project completion.  

Reimbursement process

Funds will be distributed once the award recipient demonstrates adherence to the requirements and eligibility and provides the following:

  • Complete and accurate final report form and supplemental documentation
  • Detailed invoicing that includes an itemized listing of all renewable energy project costs
  • Documentation of all funding sources and final dollar amounts
  • A fully executed Pacific Power net metering or interconnection agreement indicating approval of installation for operation
  • Public web link to the inverter monitoring system displaying production data of the renewable energy installation
  • Details of ongoing education plan with any supporting documentation such as signage, flyers, boards, blogs, and etc.
  • Photos of construction, the completed installation, project kiosk/dashboard and project area (jpg format)


Funding recipients are expected to notify Pacific Power of all media, outreach and education pieces in advance and submit all collateral for review by the Blue Sky team. All correspondence regarding the project quarterly reports, project change forms, Blue Sky partnership enrollment forms and communication must be submitted via email to Pacific Power at

Projects provide an educational opportunity for communities – raising awareness and understanding regarding renewable energy technologies and the Blue Sky program. As a result, we expect project sponsors to commit to the following:

  • Permanent recognition: Develop visible, permanent signage that publicly recognizes the contributions of Pacific Power’s Blue Sky customers.
  • Celebrations and publicity: Celebrate the project completion through one or all of the following: media event, tour, media advisory, press announcement, stakeholder communications. Blue Sky representatives must be provided an opportunity to participate celebrations.
  • Project host website: Publish the Pacific Power Blue Sky logo and the online project monitoring tool on the project host’s website at the time of project completion. Note: monitors cannot be used for advertising purposes.
  • Pacific Power website: Allow Pacific Power to include information regarding your project in customer communication material used by Pacific Power. This includes Pacific Power’s right to use photographs of the facility in brochures and internet pages for purposes of supporting the Blue Sky renewable energy program.
  • Site tours: Allow Pacific Power and its customers and guests at least two tours each year, subject to 30 day advance notice by Pacific Power.

Media Toolkit

  1. PDF Introduction and Checklist
  2. Blue Sky Messaging
  3. Media Pitching Guide
  4. Press Release for Project Announcement
  5. Press Release for Project Celebration
  6. Media Advisory
  7. Project Fact Sheet
  8. PDF Event and Community Ideas
  9. Social Media Outreach
  10. Media Contacts 

Renewable energy certificates

To the extent the project is able to generate renewable energy certificates (RECs), award recipients agree to grant Pacific Power's Blue Sky program the right to its proportionate share of the project’s renewable energy certificates – an added benefit for Pacific Power Blue Sky customers for the life of the project.  The share amount is expressed as a percentage of output when comparing Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program financial contribution to the overall cost of the renewable energy project.  Project owners may not make claims involving the environmental attributes of the RECs retained by Pacific Power's Blue Sky program. Pacific Power will also be given the opportunity to purchase additional renewable energy credits from the project, up to 100 percent of the project’s output.

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