Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn provides transitional shelter and support services for adults and children experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon. While planning to expand to a larger facility in Bend, Oregon, Bethlehem Inn partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon to design a solar-ready facility capable of net-zero energy usage by 2030.

Onsite monitoring equipment will teach clients and volunteers about renewable energy and its benefits in the community.

Installing 316 solar collectors illustrates Bethlehem Inn’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable services. Their goal is to maintain a sustainable business model utilizing solar power.  The solar monitoring system will measure energy/money saved, visually demonstrating the positive environmental impact of its use, and will serve as an educational tool for all who visit the Inn. Cost savings from the project will support Bethlehem Inn’s job training and other financial support services. 

Bethlehem Inn will be featured on Tour of homes, which is a public tour in conjunction with Central Oregon Builder’s Association (COBA) that is free and open to the community over the second and third weekends of July.