BRIDGE Housing Corporation

BRIDGE Housing Corporation is the largest developer of affordable and workforce housing on the West Coast. As a mission-driven non-profit, BRIDGE’s primary goal is to produce high-quality homes for seniors and families at a variety of income levels, with a focus on those who are not served by the housing market. BRIDGE is committed to environmentally sound smart-growth development, providing transit-oriented housing and retail, remediation of neighborhood toxicity, and green building measures in its new developments.

RiverPlace Parcel 3 is a mixed-income and mixed-use multifamily project located in the South Waterfront district in Portland, OR, in the North Macadam Urban Renewal Area. The project involves two buildings, one building on the east side of the site offering 177 market rate apartments and a building on the west side of the site offering 203 affordable apartment units.

The proposed project features a 39.68 kilowatt solar array which will power the west building’s communal spaces including the lobby, leasing office, and garage. The solar array will be located on the roof of the West building.

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